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London 2012 Olympic champion, Nicola Spirig, sponsored by BH

H915 SB1 Indoor Bike

Made by BH Europe

BH H915 SB1 Indoor Bike
BH Spinning Bike, Bike Trainer H915 SB1 Video

Freewheel hub design
In order to provide the outdoor riding experience, H915LF applies freewheel hub design the same with outdoor bicycles. Most spin bikes applied fixed wheel drive system, it forces users to rotate all the time. The ratcheting mechanism of threaded hub on H915LF allows you to stop rotating whenever you feel like it, It's more safer and just as easy as riding an outdoor bicycle.

Drive-by-Wire system
Drive-by-Wire brake and resistance system simulates the same resistance change you would feel on your road bike. It's better than ever with convenient placement on the handlebars so you can stay focused on your ride without disrupting your workout each time you change your resistance.

Multi-layer painting
The frame is applied with automobile painting technology to finish the surface. It applies the primer paint directly to the metal and finishing techniques on the overcoat.

Three-piece crank set
The same mechanism with outdoor bike combining with heavy duty SKF bearings allows the cycling movement smoothly.

Safety chain guard
The full chain case design with lightweight material truly protects transmission system from sweat and dust. It's also useful for protecting your clothes and ensures your safety.

Multi-purpose handlebar
The angle and shape of H915LF handlebar is designed according to the different riding postures of triathlon players. It is also equipped with arm rest that allows you to change more postures.

Chain drive system
The low-noise chain drive system provides true road riding feel and simulates outdoor cycling. A chain stays in track, creating less friction and providing a better workout.
Rigid bottom bracked
The rigid bottom bracket features well thermal protection and high reliability, and ensures greater torsion stiffness and cycling efficiency.
Casting iron flywheel
Center balanced 18 kg flywheel maintains excellent equilibrium and momentum during cycling. The casting treatment could also enhance the durability and prevent corrosion.
Linear-pull brake design
The brake system with two arms connected by the brake cable could directly transmit braking force to the rim. The Hi-Tech friction pads also provide maximum performance.
Excellent flywheel design
The flywheel is equipped in the center of front fork and provides a perfect balance when riders step on it and provides a consistently smooth workout experience.
Easy to switch seat
The seat could be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to provide multiple riding postures for your personal preferences.
Transport wheel
The built-in transport wheels in the front foot tube allow users to move the bike from place to place.

Flywheel weight:15KG
*The accessory-XKIT/XSPIN is optional.
You can download all kinds of fitness Apps by the portable device and enjoy an amazing indoor fitness experience.
BH Company Profile
The headquarters of BH group is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and nowadays, BH group is the largest one and the only one which could offer full range of home use and commercial use fitness equipment in Europe.
*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

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